The King William Historic District is one of the many little neighborhoods in San Antonio, Texas that is worth a stroll.  This little enclave begs you to explore on foot, especially if you like a variety of residential architecture.  Each home has its own unique flavor in this area that was first settled by wealthy German merchants.  Lest you wonder how it was named “King William”, it’s good to know that Germany’s Kaiser Wilhelm is at the root of the English name.

One of many interesting homes

Some modern architecture

My favorite

Tower Life building from King William District

It's so cute!

Nice porch

Lots of wrought iron

Good bones but it needs some attention

After working up an appetite strolling through this compact neighborhood, I headed to the Guenther House at Pioneer Mills for lunch.  This was once the home of the family that founded the mill, and now there’s a luncheonette and restaurant as well as a great foodie gift shop upstairs.

More wrought iron - I love it!

The mill operation

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3 Comments on Exploring on foot in San Antonio

  1. Mack Reynolds says:

    i’d really like to take a trip out to amsterdam. it seems like such a nice place, especially because of all of the bikes. it’s like it’s cleaner there. and the house boats look charming. nice pics.

  2. Erica says:

    I’m in love with the German house architecture in Texas. I want my house to have all the amazing embellishments.

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