We’re exploring the southern part of Death Valley National Park. A journey through northern Death Valley will be coming up in Part 2 of this series, which will also include some off-road adventures in the park.

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3 Comments on Podcast Episode 3 – Death Valley National Park, Part 1

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  2. Mary says:

    The Sprinter Tour sounds like a blast! I’ve put together a southern Utah road trip itinerary, which goes to about a dozen state and national parks in 9 days. I thought that was an aggressive schedule…I can hardly imagine how you get to 50 national parks on one trip! I checked out the list of parks on the FB page. Definitely looks like an amazing trip.

  3. What a great podcast! Thanks for sharing. It’s funny that you mention visiting several of the national parks while visiting Death Valley NP. I just had two friend do that exact same thing earlier this summer! They’re actually on the Sprinter Tour which, when concluded will visit 50 national parks and they are having the time of their life! I’ve shared their Facebook page as my website link.

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