Here’s one for the “explore in your neighborhood” file. Near our home in southeast Pennsylvania, there is a tiny town called Chatham, which is not much more than a crossroads on route 41. A simple two lane highway, Route 41 serves as a major truck route during the week. On summer weekends, it becomes a thoroughfare from Lancaster, Pennsylvania to the southern Jersey shore and Maryland/Delaware beaches.

On your route 41 travels, you’ll pass several interesting independent eating establishments. Here’s one to try: Mel’s Chatham Diner. Looks like a little shack, but you’ll be surprised when you enter.

Interior of Mel's Chatham Diner

They’ve also recently added a nice outdoor eating area, which is enhanced by hanging flower arrangements and an awning to provide shade on warm summer days.

Family owned and operated, the diner is open 6:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and serves local dishes such as cream chipped beef, as well as typical diner fare. The homefried potatoes are scrumptious. I’m looking forward to a return trip so that I can try the sausage and gravy, a southern dish which is a bit of a rarity in this area.

Mel’s Chatham Diner


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