Yes, Galveston has a Mardi Gras, too.  Who knew?!?  Complete with parades full of marching bands, costumed krewe members on floats, and the roller derby team.  Oh, and how could I forget…Mardi Gras beads.  We developed quite a collection at the parade.  We opted for the “family friendly” parade held mid-day on Saturday.  Wow – the family friendliness dissipated when the beads began flying off the floats.  In case your mind is going down the wrong path, I want to be clear that indecent exposure was not involved here.  It’s just that we all seemed to lose our minds when we saw a string of beads flying through the air.  I think I took a couple of elbows (and maybe dished out a couple myself) while trying to build up my collection.

After the parade, we headed to the historic downtown where pedestrians begged for Mardi Gras beads to be thrown from the second story balconies.  Every store seemed to have costume masks and feather boas for sale.  We added to our collection then headed down the street to listen to live music on the corner.

Loaded with beads and ready to go

Throw those beads this way

Aye matey!

Texas style

The Krewe

Quick - catch those beads

Roller derby queens

The She Musketeers

Quite a collection

We spent half a day at the Mardi Gras, so we barely scratched the surface of the activities available.  For 2011, the Galveston Mardi Gras boasts 5 masked balls, 13 balcony parties, 18 parades, and 26 concerts.  There is also a beachfront carnival along the infamous Galveston seawall until midnight every night. That’s a lot of entertainment to explore!

Galveston’s 2011 Mardi Gras was held February 25th through  March 8th. The 2012 event is February 10th through February 21st.


4 Comments on Mardi Gras in…Galveston, TX?

  1. Nice pictures Mary. I just found your site off Twitter and thought I would stop in and check it out.
    That looks like a fun time for sure! Mardi Gras is a blast no matter where ya go!
    Look forward to more pics (sorry I am a picture junkie!)

  2. How fun! I’ve never experienced a Mardi Gras parade anywhere. It seems that Galveston knows how to do it up right!

  3. Mary says:

    Julie – I’m glad you enjoyed it. I worked in Houston for 6 months and found that it really has a lot to offer. My fondest memories are of Galveston, the food scene, and the Houston Rodeo (where I took my daughter and cousin to see Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana).

  4. Julie says:

    This brings back memories – I used to go to Galveston a bit when I lived in Houston.

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