Lancaster County

Mary on May 24th, 2011

I’ve heard that some foreigners think we’re all about hamburgers.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Yes, we like our beef, but there is so much more.  While hamburgers and hotdogs somehow gained the top spot, the best American food is left to be discovered within the regional cuisines.  This is one of the […]

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Each fall, various boroughs throughout Lancaster County host fairs with parades, agricultural and livestock competitions, old-fashioned games, parades, and (of course) food. We’ll discover pig chases, a hay bale throwing contest, pedal tractor races, a livestock dressup contest, and fireman’s olympics. The festivities include traditional parades, baby parades, and tractor parades, as well as games […]

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One of the highlights of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, is the abundant Farmer’s Markets.  The three main markets are Root’s, Green Dragon, and Lancaster Central Market. I like them all, and for different reasons. I also miss them intensely since moving away from the area. Root’s was my first farmer’s market experience as a teenager and […]

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You’re bound to see the infamous roadside farm stands when traveling around Lancaster County.  They will be open in the spring, summer, and fall. Here are a few of my favorites… The “corn wagon” on Route 741 in New Danville (about 10 minutes south of the county seat).  They’re known for the long wagons loaded […]

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