I’ve always thought of the ice hotel in Quebec as the “original”.  I’ve recently learned that there are more ice hotels…many more. But let’s start in Quebec…

It might be self evident that the ice hotel is rebuilt every year. I found it very fascinating. A form is built from wood, and snow is packed around it. The construction process must be quite a sight to see. After the snow is packed and smoothed, the wooden forms are destroyed and removed, ice columns are brought in to the lobby and night club, ice is set into the “stained glass” window openings in the ice chapel, and carving gets underway. Artists carve the ice columns, walls, doors, and an amazing ice chandelier. An ice slide is installed.

This ice hotel includes about 15 specially designed rooms in various themes, and about the same number of plain jane rooms. The themed rooms are quite fantastic.   You can come for a day tour or stay the night.  Or have a drink from an ice glass in the club while admiring the snow carvings on the walls and ceiling.

Have a drink at the ice bar

The rose room

We're underwater!

Have a seat!

Ice bed sans arctic sleeping bag

If you’re staying overnight at the ice hotel, you will be provided with a room in the “real” hotel in addition to the ice hotel. When you’re ready to settle into your ice room, you are advised to spend some time in the arctic spa before bedding down for the night in your arctic sleeping bag.  It’s nice to get all toasty warm before heading to your 25 degree room.  And if it gets to be too much for you, you can always finish out the night in your traditional hotel room. But I’m not sure that would make sense since you spent several hundred $ for the experience. Me…I’ll stick to the day tour.

Ice hotel in QuebecHotel de Glace

Here are some other ice hotels to explore:

Sweden: The world’s largest ice hotel Icehotel

Germany: How about an igloo stay in Deutschland?  Iglu-Dorf

Finnish Lapland:  An entire snow village and snow hotel  Snow Village

Norway:  Have a snowmobile adventure, and bed down in an igloo Sorrisniva

or maybe some dog sledding before checking out the snow hotel  Snowhotel

If you can’t get to one of the ice hotels, perhaps an ice bar will suffice.

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Have you been to an ice or snow hotel? Have I missed any? Join the conversation below…

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  1. Mary says:

    I can see your point. It’s just starting to get cold here in Pennsylvania, and sometimes it’s tough going outside in the morning. I had to scrape ice from my windshield this morning. Ugh!

  2. greg urbano says:

    looks very cold to someone from florida!

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