Every season has its unique characteristics and attraction. There are obvious changes as we make the transition between spring, summer, fall, and winter. Living in southeastern Pennsylvania, I have the opportunity to experience each season in full. I wouldn’t have it any other way! As much as I love Arizona, and fantasize about living there to get the chance to explore more of the American Southwest, I would surely miss the coming of spring and passing of fall.

Beyond the four seasons, each month has its own flavor. July, the month of lightning bugs. August, the month of crickets, the tomato harvest, and peaches. We enjoy the perennials, apples, and a break from gardening “chores” in September. The mums arrive in October, and it’s time for fall gardening. November and Orion is back in the sky.

It’s currently December, and the winter birds have graced us with their presence. Red cardinals stand out in the crowd, and the bluejays will appear soon. Purple finches, winter wrens, black capped chickadees, and juncos come for their daily visits. Make suet available, and woodpeckers are sure to appear. Aaaah, the woodpeckers. Heard in summer, seen in winter. What a joy!

It is time to prepare for winter. We hope for a snowstorm or two that we can enjoy, meaning we don’t have to drive in it, and it’s enough for a snowman, sledding, and for the dog to play in. As winter gets underway, I will pull out the parka and wool coat, and perhaps plan a day on the ski slopes. It will soon be time to start listening for the sounds of spring…the Spring Peepers http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spring_Peeper, who will arrive in March. Oh, how I love to listen to the Peepers calling out from our pond. Spring is close! It will not be long before the spring crocuses appear, with early tulips following shortly thereafter. All the while, we’ll be preparing for the growing season…purchasing seeds, starting seedlings so our “babies” will be ready to go out into the world when the last frost date arrives.

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4 Comments on Seasonal adventures in my own backyard

  1. Mary says:

    I’m adding to my list of October sounds: geese honking while making their fall migration

  2. admin says:

    Lightning bugs came early this year. It’s mid-June and they’re out in full force. I’m having my own sparkling light show.

  3. dawn charlton says:

    wow! amazing!

  4. BOB BEARDSLEY says:

    Nicely written and sweet!

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