I was out tending the tomatoes and squash, and came upon the giant columbine in bloom. Took a few shots with my iPhone 3GS, and voila – wow – check out this backlit shot. (note – all other shots went to the circular file)

Chance shot of a giant columbine


2 Comments on Columbine in bloom

  1. Mary says:

    This one has a yellow cup, and pale yellow petals. It is very beautiful. We also have the William Guinness columbine, which has a dark purple cup with white petals. It sounds like you may have that one as well. I raised all of my giant columbine from seed. I especially like them because they survive in shade, and I am always looking for shade plants.

  2. Lucie says:

    Is your columbine really yellow? That’s the color that it appears to be on that beautiful picture. I should exchange seeds with you one of those days. Mine are dark pink and pure white. Such pretty flowers…

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